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Wildcat Planet: Project Pawprint Homecoming 2012 & 2013. Produced for the University of Arizona Office of Sustainability.

Project Pawprint used innovative research and student engagement to enhance the sustainability of the biggest UA event held every year: Homecoming. During Homecoming 2012, students involved in Project Pawprint collected baseline data related to the environmental impact of the event’s energy usage, travel and accommodations, food and materials. For Homecoming 2013, they used that data to reduce the impact by setting up more carpooling and public transportation options and helping food vendors switch from Styrofoam to paper plates so that composting could be an option.

City Living

City Living

Tucson Sunset

Tucson Sunset

Slow Motion Wedding Booth. Video I shot while experimenting with the Sony FS700.

Have you seen this slow motion video by Seattle based production team Super Frog Saves Tokyo?

We can’t resist an experiment so once we saw this we had to try it out. We teamed up with our friends at Awesoos and a wonderful couple named Adam and Cassandra to shoot some slow-mo video at their reception. We rented a Sony FS700, set up a portable studio at the event, and invited guests to share in the fun.

If you are interested in trying to set up your own slow motion photo booth SFST shared a very helpful tutorial here:

Creating the Technology of TomorrowPart of a series of videos I produced for the University of Arizona. 

Chicha Dust - Ya a se MuertoVideo I shot and edited along with Dave Mertz.

With only two days planning the very talented Tucson band Chicha Dust rented an empty warehouse, threw a free party for 100 plus people packed in a 100 degree room, recorded a live debut album, and brought us along to document the whole thing. View the rest of the videos from the night on our blog.

After the Fire’s Out. Part of a series of videos I produced for the University of Arizona. 

Even after the flames are out, vapors arising from a smoldering environment – the overhaul stage of a fire – present great dangers to firefighters. Professor Eric Lutz and graduate student Leaton Jones at the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health are working to better understand how these chemicals evolve to improve firefighting equipment and practice.

Turning Garbage Into GardensPart of a series of videos I produced for the University of Arizona

150 Feet BelowPart of a series of videos I produced for the University of Arizona.

Forget what you might think a laboratory looks like. In the San Xavier Mining Laboratory, students and researchers trade lab coats for hard hats, and drill deep into the science and business of mining. Here, 150 feet within the Earth, tomorrow’s top mining engineers are being forged right out of the stone.

Modern Voices, Lasting Notes. Part of a series of videos I produced for the University of Arizona. 

In a world dominated by emails, tweets and one-liner updates, where do we slow down and find meaning? Professor Daniel Asia teaches music composition; his creations are played in music halls throughout the world. He has a deep understanding – as an academic and an artist – of what makes for beauty. And that understanding brings students like Aaron Mobley to study with this unique talent.

From Backpacks to Chefs’ Hats. Part of a series of videos I produced for the University of Arizona. 

Education isn’t all about classrooms, labs and lecture halls. Under the direction of Executive Chef Kevin Lau, the kitchens of the Arizona Student Unions bring incredible learning opportunities for student employees. Here, they get fed some of life’s most important lessons, from managing schedules to building productive team relationships to how to prepare the perfect cinnamon bun.

AZ Taco FestivalVideo I shot and edit for the AZ Taco Festival. Additional camera work by Dave Mertz.

The Arizona Taco Festival is the world’s original taco fest and remains the only contest sanctioned by the National Taco Association. Taking place at Salt River Fields in Scottsdale this event has grown to huge proportions, with a legendary Tequila Expo, live Lucha Libre wrestling, popular surf/rock bands, ice-cold margaritas, and more than 100,000 tacos served by over 50 restaurants and teams.

Connecting Communities Through Art. Part of a series of videos I produced for the University of Arizona.

The experience of art is personal. But when artists display their work, it’s purely public: they must break the confines of comfort zones if they want to connect with audiences. It’s School of Art Galleries Curator Brooke Grucella’s challenge to help artists see their work from the point of view of the other, and test themselves to make those connections happen.

Bryant Bannister Tree-Ring Laboratory Building Dedication. I took these photos during a sneak preview of the new building prior to it’s opening 3 months later.

Since the program’s inception in 1937 researchers have operated in less-than-ideal conditions under the west side of the football stadium. The new building offers about 7,000 more square feet of space and has quite a presence on campus. Thomas Swetnam, Director for the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, was at the event to celebrate with special attendees and donors who helped make the new laboratory possible: “One of the most exciting aspects of the beautiful new building is that it is designed, in part, to share our past discoveries and current scientific work with the public.” Read more about the laboratory here:

Billy Sedlmayr Kickstarter Campaign. Promotional video I directed, shot and edited. Additional camera support from Michaela Myhre. The project successfully raised over $10k. Congrats Billy.

Together with local Tucson talent Gabriel Sullivan and Carl Hanni, we set out to create a Kickstarter campaign that explored the past, present, and future of songwriter and musician Billy Sedlmayer. We wanted to share some insight into why Billy is so special to the Tucson music scene in order to fund the production of his first full length album. He was able to earn over $10,000 from the selfless benefactors who saw this video and felt what we felt. This is just the beginning of a much larger documentary project featuring the life of Billy Sedlmayer and the creation of his album.